The story of my life…

It all started when i was a boy…in those days i used to watch people taking photos with their film camera. I had imagined that one day i could take photos with it…i was fascinated by it.

Then one day my brother had bought me the film camera…and instantly it became my favourite toy…when i had put my hands on it.

I started capturing random photos with it, it was nothing more than a play toy for me..i used to play with my reel camera using tungsten bulbs and torches…to create light effects. In those playtime i started discovering my love for taking pictures…

Soon i found myself using a compact point & shoot camera..and taking it everywhere i go( Including trips to a local rivers with friends. When i was enjoying, i accidentally lost the mother nature ).

I was devastated by it..and furious as well…

Fortunately family came to help..and bought me a new compact camera.

Due to scarcity of equipment I learnt to utilized minimum resources with creative skills rather than depending upon the heavy and expensive photography equipment.

I used to make my own makeshifts equipment( which i continue to do till this date if need arises ).

Through my experience I learned that we don’t need expensive equipment to learn photography and to practice it ( which most people don’t think in these days ).

All you need is some creative ideas to utilize your resources with common sense.

I continued to develop my skills and interest for i was studying engineering i found myself dealing with the decision choose it as my profession or not.

As a result of it..i drop-out of my current curriculum and join a post graduation photography course in Bangalore. The course was completed but i feel like …their is more to learn where it came from..i ended up getting more hungry.

So i started DIY, doing what i can to learn new stuff and techniques..basically it was a marathon run…of

Wakeup | Learn | Sleep…repeat.

Then i started freelancing and establishing myself as a professional..which is continuing to this present day.

I always have a passion and desire to be in creative arts..even before my reel camera days. I am fortunate to be the one who ended up doing one..where i can practice what i love as person and as a professional for both myself and other..

Imran Khan | Artist, Photographer, Environmentalist and Gamer...

What Clients Say About Me

‘Photography is the story that one fails to put into words’
And Imran is a gifted photographer who brings out the simplicity and charm out of everything he shoots. I recently had an opportunity to interact with him when I had a pet photo-shoot for my Labrador ‘Sky’. Imran is a talented photographer, humble, down to earth and easy going. He is highly professional and committed to his work. Right from selecting the location of the shoot to finalizing it and then executing it, he showed thorough enthusiasm and was keen on getting everything in the right frame. Unlike the usual photography, pet photography can be a little tricky owing to the different temperaments of the canines. But Imran ensured that he struck a bond with Sky few days before the shoot so that Sky is comfortable on the actual day. He put in all his efforts and ensured that the entire shoot was hassle-free. He showed sheer diligence and his work is remarkable. Apart from Pet Photography, his other assignments speak volumes for his work. In the end, it is not how good the camera is, but how good the photographer is! I would highly recommend Imran for his zeal and unique photography skills. I wish him good luck for all his ventures. I am sure that he indeed has a long way to go!


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